Downtown Dental Patient Reviews

Everyone in the office is very professional and at the same time a pleasure to know and interact with during my visit. Thank you! -Kristy A.

Thanks Doc! Your kindness is greatly appreciated. It was the most I’ve been able to be comfortable in a dental office! -Jim B.

You are the best dental office that I have ever visited. -John B.

Everyone in your office is great! I always feel welcome and know my dental health is in in “good hands”. -Kim B.

All people in the clinic were extremely friendly and welcoming. I really like the “goody bag” provided to me, especially the lip balm. Thank you. -Shawna B.

Things were great as always. I will continue to come to you for dental care. -Vic B.

You have a wonderful office and staff. Tom and I are very pleased! -Linda C.

I always feel welcome in this office. Having the wonderful receptionist welcome me by name is very nice. -Jamie C.

Always feel like “family” when I come, and appreciate the expert treatment. Thank you. -Earline C.

Everyone in your office is professional, friendly and caring. Thanks! -Vickie D.

I have been with your office for 20+ yrs and have always felt welcomed, wanted and appreciated for being your patient. I have always talked very highly of all of you to all my friends and co-workers. I actually enjoy coming for my cleaning and I know I am cared for very highly from the team. Thank you all for everything you do! -Francine F.

I so appreciate the Downtown Dental team. I always feel so welcomed when I come and the team always looks out for my best interest. Each visit I become more relaxed and have no worries. Thank you all! -Francine F.

You provide outstanding customer service and everyone in the office is friendly and amazing at what they do. -Lisa F.

You cover all the bases as far as making me feel comfortable. This includes putting an ergonomic pillow in the “small” of my back in your new dental chair. Thank you! -Janel G.

Super friendly staff and very efficient. Looks like all the right equipment and people that know how to use it! I’m a fan. -Steve G.

We want to thank you for the wonderful gift to Clinkerdaggers. Saturday night we went there and had a most wonderful dinner. We ate one of the most fantastic rib steaks of our life. Thanks to you, I was able to enjoy it fully. I love my teeth and you and your staff have been wonderful. Thank you sooooo much! -Jonna H.

Make it so I never get another cavity..Ha, Ha. Just kidding. Do not change anything! -Patricia H.

The staff are excellent at their work and personable to be with, and the doctors are clearly cutting edge in their knowledge and competence. I really appreciate the care I receive at your practice! -Michael H.

My mocha latte drinking finally caught up with my old upper front caps when the color of those teeth began to resemble yellow porcupine incisors. No whitening agent exists that would make them visually acceptable again. My mouth stayed shut most of the time. Downtown Dental came to my rescue when they did a fantastic job of replacing those four front teeth with new porcelain veneers. I now am able to smile again confidently knowing that my teeth look natural and white again. Thank you! – Dorothy H.

Every single person on your team is wonderful! I have greatly enjoyed your care these past many years and look forward to continuing to do so. Thank you! -Michael H.

I use to hate going to the dentist, but I kinda enjoy it now 🙂 -Robert H.

As always, the entire staff at Downtown Dental is wonderful. Friendly, happy, fun…. we have never had a bad experience when we have been to a dental appointment at your office. It is always very clear that you work as a family. -Annie H.

Respect; speed; professionalism! Good job! -Alexander K.

I felt important, even though I was a first time patient. – Patricia K.

Staff is very friendly, we enjoy going here for our dental treatments. Thanks for being so flexible with our schedules! -Rob K.

I always have an EXCELLENT experience at the office and all of the staff are knowledgeable and friendly. I have and will continue to suggest that my friends/family visit your office. – Brandon K.

There is a very friendly atmosphere. -Moritz K.

Love you all! You are the best and we are so grateful for each one of you. -Liz L.

Everyone is very friendly there. For not liking to go to the dentist, I feel at ease and comfortable with all. Would never go anywhere else. -Rosanne M.

ALL of you in the office are equally friendly, accomodating, a joy to come and see. Corey, thank you for having such wonderful team members! -Libby M.

I just love you guys! And I continue to tell everyone about you. -Laverne M.

Superior service and dentistry! -James M.

Everyone is always soooo very happy and up. I’ve always said I wouldn’t mind working here. They really came through when I had a tooth crack a few days before New Years. They came in just for me and checked on me that evening by phone. I had no pain at all and didn’t even need so much as an aspirin. Downtown Dental handled my implant right then and there! My husband and I wouldn’t think of going to another office. -Linda M.

Thank you for the care you gave my son recently…..for handling him in a way that he returned and making adjustments in your schedules that he could get done all that he needed. Thank you for the movie tickets! Enjoy the rest of the summer! Thank you again for the competent and friendly care! -Kathy M.

We love this office, the dentist and the staff, always have. We would never think to leave. We have recommended it to others and will continue to do so. -Linda M.

Best dentist and staff I’ve ever had. -Joseph N.

While in the lobby I had a poetry recital which was a really nice touch. Your office went above and beyond my expectation. -Sean O.

The Downtown Dental team is fantastic! They are friendly, understanding, and willing to provide anything to keep you comfortable in the dreaded dental chair 🙂 From routine dental cleanings to fillings, they provide the best care, and truly care how you are. -Taylor P.

I would very much like to visit the hygienist once per month. You are all fabulous. -Karla P.

The entire staff treated me like royalty. -Jim P.

I was actually 5 mins late and the staff was very nice. -Ken R.

Best hygienist ever!! -Jeremy R.

Very comfortable when I am there…..and that is coming from a person who went years in between dentists thanks to some bad experiences as a child with dental care. You all are great! -Nancy S.

Can’t think of any changes to make, the staff were professional, friendly and understanding of my medical problem. I have been to other dentists over the past year but was very happy to be back at Downtown Dental. -Christina S.

Have been using this office for about 20 years. The entire organization is the best I have encountered. Seeing a dentist was not my favorite pastime, however since being involved with this staff, I look forward to my semi-annual visit. Absolutely the best. -Frank S.

I had a fear of dentist visits. I now look forward to the visits. Thank you. -Frank S.

You and your staff are wonderful. -Ken S.

Wonderful, like always! -Mollie S.

Thank you for friendly service. I really enjoy everyone there. The parking validation is helpful. -Barbara S.

Excellent care, thoughtfulness and service. Thank you, everyone! -Judy S.

I love your office and the staff. I always feel comfortable and welcome. Keep up the good work. -Renee S.

The atmosphere is always very welcoming and I feel my dental needs are met. -Lori T.

I can’t think of how anything could have been better. Of all the dentists I have have been to in my life, you and Dr. Little are the best. Thank you very much! – Irma W.

Thanks so very much for the personal and professional care in which you treated my mom. It certainly was appreciated and won’t be forgotten. Your staff was terrific and your personal generosity was beyond expectation. Thanks again! -Larry W.

Everyone is wonderful and friendly at Downtown Dental! I love it there-as much as I can love the dentist’s office 🙂 -Paula W.

First time visitor and soon to be future client. I’ve referred my mom so you should hear from her after her Alaska Cruise in a couple of weeks. -Troy W.

There is no way to improve on the perfect dentist’s office 🙂 I am extremely satisfied with the friendly staff and very professional service. -Debbie W.

All personnel courteous, informative, and happy. Great office to visit… -Frank W.

I was very apprehensive about coming in and seeing all the work that needed to be done. In the past, I had been told not much could be done. The whole Downtown Dental office is such a great warm and welcoming place to come to. I would highly recommend everyone to your services. Thanks! -Hagen W.

Your team is awesome!!! Thanks! -Kevin W.

I consider your service excellent. Your staff is friendly, warm, and welcoming in addition to being professional. I actually look forward to my dentist’s appointments because the environment you establish is relaxing, welcoming and fun. -anonymous