Professional Teeth Whitening vs Do-it-Yourself

If you would like to have whiter teeth, you are not alone. Many individuals would love to have whiter teeth, whether to look good for others or just to feel better when they stand in front of the mirror each morning. But what is the best way to obtain whiter teeth? Should you head to your dentist, or should you just pick up a kit off the shelf at the store? You probably know which path we are going to recommend, but let’s take a closer look at this question before you jump to any conclusions.

It Starts with Strength

When you visit a dentist’s office for teeth whitening, you will be under the supervision of a professional. Why is that important? Simple – the products used to whiten your teeth will be more powerful than what you can purchase over-the-counter. It would not be safe to put powerful whitening products in the hands of the average consumer, since that consumer does not know how to use them properly.

By coming to the office, you can enjoy the powerful effects of stronger solutions in a controlled environment. Even if you are allowed to perform some of the whitening at home through the use of trays, you will be under the advisement of a dentist who can offer professional advice. You can think of this in a similar fashion to how you would think of other forms of healthcare. There is nothing wrong with having a first aid kit at home for minor cuts and scrapes, but you will need to visit a doctor for a more serious injury. The story is the same here – minor improvements may be possible with at-home kits, but real results will be achieved with the help of a dentist.

The Matter of Cost

Let’s be honest – it is the cost of treatment that has many individuals considering over-the-counter kits. There is no need to beat around the bush on this point, as having your teeth whitened by a professional is certainly more expensive than buying a kit. If the only thing you were worried about was the bottom line, you would pick up a kit at the store and move on.

But cost isn’t the only thing you are worried about. For your money, you also want to get results. It is a good choice to visit a dentist instead of buying a kit for the same reason that it is smart to avoid the cheapest option for any good or service. Saving money in the short term often means you will have to spend even more money in the long run. By investing in a professional whitening right from the beginning, you can get the desired results and move on.

Protect Your Gums

It is easy to focus only on your teeth in this process, as they are the target of the treatment. However, your teeth are not alone in your mouth, so it would be wise to think about your gums as well. Those with sensitive gums might have trouble with at-home kits, even though they are not as strong as what is used in a dental office. By working directly with your dentist, you can protect your gums more effectively and avoid any annoying side effects.

Control Your Results

You probably have a picture in mind of where you would like your teeth to end up on the whiteness scale. To control your results more precisely, working with a pro is the way to go. You don’t have any experience in whitening teeth, so you might not be able to manage the outcome of this treatment accurately. Most likely, you won’t get great results when using an at-home kit, but in other cases, you may get too much of an effect.

It’s not a great idea to take this kind of gamble with your teeth. The color of your teeth is on display for everyone when you smile, meaning you may feel self-conscious about your look if the whitening process doesn’t work out as you had hoped. Don’t roll the dice on something so important when you can simply come in to a dental office and get it done right the first time. In the hands of an experienced dentist, you can relax and look forward to excellent results.

According to Smile Solutions Dentist, "Teeth stains are inevitable due to our consumption of a variety of foods and drinks (soda, spicy food, coffee, etc.). However, advanced teeth whitening technology has enabled dentists to whiten teeth without adversely affecting the tooth structure."

Overall Dental Care

When you opt to have this treatment completed in a dental office, the dentist will have a chance to check on your overall oral health. There is a bigger picture to be considered here, as it is not just important to have white teeth – it is important to have healthy teeth (and gums, etc.). Everyone loves the great look that white teeth provide, but you will benefit even more in the long run if you have good overall oral health.

It is easy to neglect the need to visit the dentist when you get caught up in your busy life. By coming in for a teeth whitening, you will have an opportunity to check in with your dentist as to how your teeth are doing. If there are any problems which need to be addressed, you can schedule a time to have that work done as well.

To schedule a professional teeth whitening in our local Downtown Spokane office, or just to ask any questions you may have about this topic, feel free to give us a call during business hours. We love to help our patients smile with confidence, so teeth whitening is a service we are proud to offer. Thank you for stopping by, and we look forward to serving you soon!